Leave No Trace

Kirtan at Shala Yoga

7:00pm- 8:30pm
Kirtan @ Shala Yoga, Squamish

Come join us and SING! This Saturday! Bring your singing voice and instruments if you want to PLAY too. We will have three harmoniums, a guitar, rattles, bells, drums, chant cards and tea and community to be with. 
This evening is offered by Crystal, Tanya, Nikki and Christine. It is a free event open for all.

2017 300 Hour Teacher Training

2016 Medicine Wheel

Equinox Retreat

Cobalt Cafe

Climbers Cafe


West Coast Yoga Festival


Connecting Mountains, Sharing Wisdom

Connecting Mountains Poster Proof 14

2016 SYI 300 HR. Commercial

Connecting Mountains with Peruvian Pacos



Connecting Mountains - Sharing Wisdom.

Juan Apaza, Karina Davalos Concha and her daughter Piera (8yrs) will be arriving soon and there are some exciting workshops, events and opportunities that are being co-created.

If there is something that you want to co-create or participate in, or sign up for please contact us soon.

           Squamish: Heather Royal 604-848-8197

           Shamanic Yoga Institute mastery classes:

           Courtney: Roland Guenther

           North Vancouver: Maru Capilano

 Wednesday January 20 5-7pm Welcoming Gratitude Dinner to thank those of you who have manifested the Paqos arrival here. Location: DharmaKaya Room 1150 Edgewater Drive Squamish, BC.

Thursday-Friday January 21-22 1 hour  Energetic Healing Sessions in Squamish(must pre-book)

Saturday January 23 Mastery Teachings offered by The Shamanic Yoga Institute (Soul Retrieval) with Christine Selda

Saturday January 23 Community Ayllu Fire Ceremony with Andean Paqos (All welcome)

Sunday January 24 Mastery Teachings offered by Shamanic Yoga Institute (Sweat Lodge) with Squamish Nation Elder Shirley Lewis (workshop FULL)

Monday January 25 Stawamus Chief Despacho Ceremony

Thursday January 28 - February 3 Vancouver Island (see attached poster)

Thursday February 4 - February 8 North Vancouver 

Saturday February 13 - Mastery Teachings -offered by The Shamanic Yoga Institute with Don Juan Apaza and Karina Davalos Concha and Christine Selda

Sunday February 21-Monday February 22 - Full Moon Snow Camp Despacho Ceremony at Garibaldi Lake

Friday February 26 - Paqos will travel to Teotihuacan (thank you Maru & Leonardo in Mexico City)