Mastery Classes and Group Mentorship

A program for Continuing Education

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Shamanic Yoga Institute presents:

Mastery Classes & Group Mentorship Program for Continuing Education.

Apprentice Energy Medicine and Nature Based Spirituality through YOGA, EXPRESSIVE ARTS & SHAMANISM
Welcoming full mesa carriers, healers, artists, change-makers and certified yoga teachers!
 Our intention is to meet each student where they are at and facilitate next steps for growth, healing, work and their unique response to their calling. Through our experience we have come to believe that sitting together, practicing together, making art, being in nature and sharing these experiences within a  peer group promotes the revealing  of our individual calling and increases the power and effectiveness of our collective response.  

(we will accepting a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 15 participants)

Teachers: Christine Selda, Kristin Campbell + Guests

Part 1- Fall and Winter 2015 / 2016 Dates: 

October 24, 2015 (9am - 5pm)

Dec. 12, 2015 (9am - 5pm)

Jan. 23 + 24, 2016  (9am - 5pm + evening ceremony)

Feb 13, 2016 (9am - 5pm)

+ deepen your work respond to your calling with group mentorship and SUPER-Vision!

+ learn from your peers and teachers through Yoga, Expressive Arts and Shamanism

Themes we will be working with depending on what's being asked by each Group :

Yoga Teacher's Toolbox (Alignment of Asana, Skillful language, Safe + Intelligent Sequencing, Hands on Enhancements + Assists etc)

Shaman's Toolbox (Practice of Perceptual States, Sand Paintings, Opening Sacred Space etc...)

Responsive Voice




Business of Yoga

Soul Retrieval

Metaphors for Leadership



Energy Medicine

Ritual + Ceremony (Despacho, Fire etc...)

Black Stone Mesa

White Stone Mesa

Expressive Arts (Clowning, Masks etc)

Activism (Friends of Stawamus)


Location: The Yoga Studio Squamish, 37776 2nd Ave (2nd floor)

Investment: $200 per day or 5 days $900 (GST included) 

To register contact Christine or Kristin and deposit $200 by October 2,2015

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