Scholarship and Apprenticeship Opportunities

Scholarship and Apprenticeship Opportunities with the Shamanic Yoga Institute

Congratulations to Chelsie McCutcheon who will be honouring us with her presence for the 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training for 2017
2. Friends of Stawamus Chief Scholarship Project:
Two full scholarship spots will be offered to the chosen applicant that visions, plans, prepares and then leads into creation an offering of social or ecological response to make positive change in the world. This is a wide open box for you to fill with your response to the world. It could be a community event, a karma program, a calling out through social activism or environmental stewardship, a puppet show, a movie event……. This could be a movement through yoga, the arts, ecology, economy, children, elders, trees, mountains……. We are looking for a passionate response to your inner calling that is truly listening to the voice of all of creation.  We will respond to your action with our support in training you and mentoring you. This project must reflect your integrity and a knowing or probing of what you want to offer the world. The project must be thorough and complete. Think big and think outside the box!
Send us your detailed plans, a short bio on yourself, a reference letter, the vision statement of the project and the action plan. You will have one year to complete the project. We will check in and expect updates as well as documentation of your process. The project will be supported by us through out the training and 100% self motivated and directed by you. 
We are excited to hear from you and help support your dreams coming into action!
Congratulations to Andrea Celestina and Gaia Sophia for 2017
3. Mentorship Spots – Taking the seat of the ASSISTANT
There will be two assistant spots per training, the assistant will receive the course for free in exchange for their work and service for the duration of the training including two months before and after the start and end dates. 
All assistants are to be full mesa carriers or equivalent and minimum of 200 hr. or equivalent yoga teacher training. 
Congratulations to Rochelle Quarry & Jessica Kelly for 2017