What is Shamanic Yoga?

Shamanic Yoga is a the ancient practice of Yoga placed in an opening of shamanic sacred space inviting and invoking transformation and the deepening of the heart of our spiritual practice.

Nature and landscape are woven into the dialogue invoking the students and the natural world to co create their relationship to one another and thus to power and unity. Breathing techniques, asana, mantra, song and energy work are all used along with journeys and visualizations to invite a conversation with the unknown throughout classes.

Shamanic yoga is concerned with connection, fluidity and proper framework as guiding principles of the work.

To participate fully in one's life is the promise of shamanic yoga.

The vision of Shamanic Yoga is to take the power of both yoga and shamanistic practices together to create a strong venue for transformation.

Tools for connection,self change & growth are offered in this practice.

Shamanic yogis and yoginis are activists, artists, change agents and warriors! Sages, elders and infants welcome!
Embrace the unknown and turn fear to love, experience trust. Dialogue with the divine in your yoga class.

Deepen the Heart of your Yoga
Shamanic Yoga