Christine Selda ~ Primary Teacher, MA, RCC, E-RYTGold

Yoga is my soft place to land, and my strictest teacher. Living my yoga is the point for me. The great teachings of yoga speak to me in a strength that has made me vulnerable and courageous enough to sing. I currently find my practice and teaching immersed in bhakti yoga and the study of kirtan and scriptures with my beloved harmonium. 

I have been teaching yoga since 1998. I was blessed to study very early in my yogic teaching vocation in India for a year with B.K.S. Iyengar and Dr. Karandikar in Pune. This experience I am still unpacking and sourcing from in my teaching today. My formal certification came at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Kerala, India.

In addition to studying in these lineages from India, I have immersed myself in the Shamanism of the Q’ero of Peru. This led me to the study of the healing work of Shamans worldwide. I am deeply inspired by how shamanism and yoga are similar in exploring the human quest for connection with the self, others and the Source. Through this connection, we are reminded to walk with open hearts, in service to all walks of life. This informs all aspects of my life.

I hold a Masters of Arts and Psychology degree and I am currently a Phd candidate in Expressive Arts therapy, education and social change. I have had a private practice in clinical counselling and the healing arts since 2004. I am founder of the Shamanic Yoga Institute. It is here I have been able to weave together Shamanism, Yoga and the Expressive Arts, offering a profound, personal transformation in a strong, safe, vibrant setting. We offer Yoga Teacher Trainings, Medicine Wheel trainings, run a non- profit ‘Friends of Stawamus Society’ and two karma yoga programs. I am currently a visiting tutor at Quest University Canada teaching in the social sciences. Most of all I am mother to River, Jasper and Cedar, my beautiful teachers that are my children.

In my classes, you can expect a strong, safe space to be held for you. It is my intention to foster growth for all who come to my classes. The growth may occur in the body, breath, in affairs of the world, family matters, the relationship of the self to the Self, or to the Divine. The action of this yoga is gentle, penetrating and pervasive. We will chant, set intentions, practice pranayama and asana in all classes. Each class will touch on the philosophies that yoga is built on as an offering to the students to deepen their connection to the roots of the yoga practice. 


Kristin Campbell ~ Shamanic Yoga Teacher Trainer, E-RYT 500® Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher (since 2000) and Teacher Trainer (since 2006), E-RYTGold

I am a Mama, Yoga Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Mentor for yoga teachers.
What I teach is informed and inspired by 14+ years of teaching yoga full-time, 9-years of studio owning, 8+ years of leading teacher trainings around the globe.
Ultimately, my work is about supporting yoga-practitioners and yoga-teachers in living and practicing purposefully in accordance with their highest truth and vision.
In addition to yoga, I source inspiration and influence from my continued studies in; Mountain Shamanism (as taught by the Q’ero Medicine People of Peru), Meditation, and Ayurveda.

Natalie Rousseau ~ EYRT Guest Teacher

Natalie is a passionate student of Yoga, Ayurveda, Eastern Philosophy, and Meditation. She currently lives in Pemberton BC and leads inspirational Teacher Trainings, Workshops & Retreats in British Columbia and beyond. You can expect her classes to be skilfully structured and infused with the teachings that inspire her most, namely the power of practice, the wisdom of nature, and the wonder of living an ordinary life lit up through mindful presence.


Anita Weimann ~ Assistant, Creative Marketing Director and Shamanic Yoga Teacher

Spending most of her days within the majestic mountains and river beds, Anita practices solitude within the grasp of Earth’s people that softly whisper sweet nothings into her ears. A lover of life, health and happiness, Anita spends many days a week practicing ancient movements of the physical; creating body, mind and soul connection through the art of Yoga. She completed her 200 hour Yoga teacher training in Vancouver in 2012 and has been teaching yoga passionately ever since. Keeping her heart within the mystery schools, she offers her teachings and practice through the art of yoga, mountain shamanism and creative nature. She honours and shares the wisdom of the Red Nation of the Americas to encourage the ancient connections to Great Spirit and Mother Earth. Anita attains years of education in the Bachelors of Business program at Capilano University; majoring towards Aboriginal business and Marketing. 

"Why not practice many things to find true passion for all things in life". 

Rochelle Quarry ~ Assistant & Shamanic Yoga Teacher

Though Rochelle is both an educator and instructor, she sees herself as a student first. Her passion for sharing has led her to teach in a variety of settings including schools, alternative programs, yoga classes, and currently at a childcare facility in Brackendale. She promotes community building that is both inclusive and diverse, believing that everyone has something to contribute and something to teach us.

Rochelle is a full mesa carrier and recently completed the advanced standing certification for the 300hr Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training. She honours those who walked alongside her in this journey. Rochelle is humbled by the opportunity to continue receiving the teachings of Mountain Shamanism under the guidance of Christine Selda.

She is inspired by the artistry of nature, the wonder of Spirit, the love of her children, and the work of her ayllu.

Cindy Stockdale ~ Primary Teacher, BaH. ERYT-200, RHN, E-RYTGold

Cindy Stockdale is a Registered Yoga Teacher, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with an undergrad in Psychology and Archaeology.  She has always been fascinated with the inner world of the psyche and how that has evolved over time.  Cindy has been teaching yoga for over 11 years, 9 of those she has spent studying with Christine. She strongly believes we all have an innate ability to heal and works to inspire and empower others to be an agent of change in their own lives, acknowledging the deep remembrance that we are all connected and any healing that we do for ourselves is healing for all.  Cindy believes her earth walk is to help others remember who they are and no matter what, they are loved deeply, connected fully, and belong to the family of all things.


Heidi Nielsen ~ Assistant, Fire Keeper, Medicine Song Singer

Heidi Nielsen is a full mesa carrier, practicing aromatherapist and shamanic practitioner.
Her private practice offers full body aromatherapy massage incorporating ancient techniques learned during Medicine Wheel. She offers herself in humble service as assistant, firekeeper and facilitator of ceremony.

Heidi has worked with essential oils for over 20 years and is pleased to provide a line of genuine and authentic essential oils as well as specialty aromatherapy products. Her current studies include Herbology and Ayurveda.
Heidi welcomes custom blend requests, product development opportunities as well as offering Aromatherapy classes and Blending Workshops.
From Nature to Nurture

www davehumphreys ca-Donne Billy

Donna Billy ~ Squamish Nation Ambassador

Donna Billy also known as Si-so-lia is from the Squamish Nation. She is a mother of two sons who have been her inspiration. From a very early age Donna was trained in her traditional ways by the Elders. Donna takes pride in her heritage and Culture. She truly lives up to her Ancestral name Si-so-lia which means “hard working woman”. Whatever she is working on-she works hard! Taking care of the people has always been at the heart of the work that Donna does. She believes in healthy, strong families and supporting and guiding them. Most of her jobs have been working with children & mothers in the community. She is currently working with the Howe Sound Women’s Centre Transition house in Squamish.

Heather Royal ~ Guest Teacher, Fire Keeper, Medicine Song Singer

The path to self knowledge inspires us to reveal our inner gifts.

Inspired by her ancestry, connection to the natural world and innately creative passion, Heather weaves together indigenous traditions and her experience as an educator, artist and homeopath.

In her personal practice, Spiral Healing, Heather offers Earth-based remedies (homeopathy) and shamanic healing arts to bring balance and well-being.

In her community, she continues to pass on the teachings shared with her through drum-making, Medicine Wheel, and Rites of Passage for young Women in various workshops and gatherings.

Most recently, her travels to Peru manifested a vision of Connecting Mountains-Sharing Wisdom. This is an on-going collective opportunity for First Nations, Q’ero Andean Healers and the larger community to share healing & bridge connections for being active Earthkeepers in today’s society.

Heather is a mesa carrier in the Q’ero lineage since 2009.  She has practiced yoga for 12 years and is currently enrolled in a 300hr yoga teacher training.

She enjoys hiking in the mountains, jumping in the river and laughing at the little delights in life; and to live softly and in balance with Mother Earth.

Crystal Borelli ~ Guest Teacher for Mantra, RYT 500hr Yoga Alliance Certified

Raised by Yogis and trained in India. She is dedicated to her roots to teach the old Traditions & practices of yoga. Offering  a powerful class in Asana with depth into Pranayama, Mantra & Mythology. She is the creator of Mythic Mantra for teacher trainings and holds international retreats. Crystal believes that stepping out of your comfort zone is a playful way to discover yourself on your mat and will give you many opportunities to practice this in her classes. E-RYT 500hr

Melissa Donohoe ~ Assistant & Shamanic Yoga Teacher

Melissa Donohoe is greatly inspired by nature and movement. Her studies in Shamanism and love of philosophy weave into her teachings.  She believes in the interconnection between all, we are all one, and when we connect deeply to our own rhythm there is a knowing it syncs up to the Mother Earth.  Melissa is a full mesa carrier (studying with Christine) holds a Bachelor of Education, and is a registered yoga teacher. May we not only call on the four directions but also open them up to enter the power of the heart, and luminous place within us all.


Trish Wilson ~ Assistant CYA-E-RYT 500

Trisha is committed to a path of sacred activism.  She brings over ten years experience teaching yoga classes, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings.  Her classes combine alignment, philosophy, creative sequencing and breath work.  Residing in Nelson, BC with her husband and daughter, she coordinates the Kootenay Spirit Festival while deepening her studies in yoga therapy.  

Since 2009, Trisha has been a full mesa carrier of the mountain shamanism tradition. She holds space with humility and mindfulness.


Amanda Woods ~ Assistant, Shamanic Yoga Teacher, Full Mesa Carrier, Fire Keeper

Amanda is a yoga teacher and student of the Medicine Teachings. She completed her 200 hour Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 and is working towards a 200 hour Yin Yoga certification. Her inspiration is drawn from the mysteries of Nature, archetype, myth and story.  Her mission is to offer the gift of self-sovereignty to the world and create a sacred space where everyone may step into the sacredness of their own body temple and hear the call of their inner guide.  Amanda currently works with at-risk youth in Squamish.


Andrea Sentesy ~ Shamanic Yoga Teacher

The sweet and transformative practice of yoga arrived into my life in 2000, and it has been a process of evolution ever since. I began sharing yoga in 2010, and have over 1500 hours of teaching experience, as well as 400 hours of formal training. In 2014, my life shifted dramatically again as I followed the call towards Mountain Shamanism and completed each turn of the Medicine Wheel with Christine Selda. I am a full Mesa carrier within the Peruvian Q'ero Lineage.

My daily practices of Yoga, Shamanism and Meditation have drawn me to a deeper understanding of myself and brought joy, peace and evolution to all aspects of my life. Because of these practices I feel vital, connected, courageous and a deep gratitude for life My truest desire is to spark this process of evolution in others, so that we may live in harmony and reciprocity with Mother Earth, and each other.

Off the mat, you can find me playing with sticks and rocks with my sons, rock climbing with my wonderful partner, counselling children and their families, or singing by a fire.


Mara Branscombe ~ Guest Shamanic Yoga Teacher

Teaching for a decade, Mara's ability to hold sacred space for the hearts and minds of others offers a vast landscape for transformation within. In her classes you can expect to be challenged and awakened through unique sequencing, articulate asana, grounding meditation, and enlivening pranayam practice. Mara is greatly inspired by her studies in Shamanism and is a full mesa carrier in the Incan Shaman tradition. In her yoga teachings, Mara weaves together her background as a dance artist, her practice in the shamanic tradition, and her eighteen years of experience on her mat - naturally what arises is a fluid, earthy, full bodied practice. Currently, Mara is the director of Rise Yoga, where she hosts international yoga retreats, teaches corporate wellness, and yoga at various studios in Vancouver. Mara works with professional athletes and teaches the Vancouver Canucks, the Vancouver Whitecaps and the dancers of Kidd Pivot. Mara is a regular contributor to My Yoga Online and her yoga classes/guided meditations can be viewed online.
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