It was very powerful, and an amazing catalyst for personal healing and transformation. I feel that the training really helped me onto a path of self-discovery and self-love. It was beautiful, emotional, thought-provoking, challenging — both physically and emotionally — and heartwarming. The group was filled with so many kind and caring humans, and everyone was incredibly supportive of everyone else’s journey. It was, in a word, amazing.” – Jillian Bergsten, Graduate 2016


“I really cannot express with words how transformative this training has been for me. It’s helped me peel back so many layers of the past that I had tried in so many varying forms to heal before but could only ever seem to touch the surface of. The connections I made and the things I have learned will stick with me and support me for the rest of my life. Truly powerful and transformative medicine.” – Jolene Milan, Graduate 2016


“It has helped me put things into perspective and to address what is not right for me. I am ready for community leadership.” – Graduate 2016


“As I went into the South, I was terrified that it was going to be me and a bunch of “yoga teachers.” I’m not sure what I meant, but they were scary. And then I went. And was pulled into the most remarkable community I’ve ever seen. When I do join a community, I pride myself on being part of great communities, but this ayllu was beyond any I could ever imagine. It felt like everything just came together. Things were really really hard. But I did it. And kept on doing it. And it didn’t get easier, but I worked hard at it, and came to love it. Now I have a great deal more tools to do the work, and people to do the work with, and I feel really, really good about this.” – Megan Bulloch, Graduate 2016


“Powerful, transformative, illuminating – Heather Royal, Graduate and Assistant Teacher


“I have had the opportunity in my life to work with a lot of therapy and healing modalities throughout my life. Nothing has been more transformative and profound than the work I have done with Christine. In the moment you may feel unsure of what happened but as I look over my shoulder of the years that have come to pass, it is phenomenal to watch myself transform into the truth of who I am and have the courage to stand in that truth.” – Cindy Stockdale, Graduate and Assistant Teacher


“The work of the medicine wheel and my Mesa continues to add connection, richness and transformation to my life, even 3 years later! I am forever grateful for the ways this work has changed the way I work, relate, parent, teach and evolve. Hiyaya (victory of the heart)!” – Andrea Sentesy, Graduate, Yoga Instructor & Children’s Counselor


“Since receiving my mesa carrier training and shamanic yoga certification my life has transformed. Before my training I would back away from fear and challenges unknowingly. Since that time I am curious about everything and feel more confident I have the skills and mindset to do what I am being called to do. Thank you to all my teachers for supporting me! Cindy, Chris, Kristin, Heather, and Mara and all the other teachers that held space. Grateful for all my community for teaching me more then I could ever ask for! Much Munay! Xoxoxo”Treena Fleming, Graduate 2015