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One full scholarship spot will be offered to the chosen applicant that visions, plans, prepares and then leads into creation an offering of social or ecological response to make positive change in the world. This is a wide open box for you to fill with your response to the world. It could be a community event, a karma program, a calling out through social activism or environmental stewardship, a puppet show, a movie event... This could be a movement through yoga, the arts, ecology, economy, children, elders, trees, mountains... We are looking for a passionate response to your inner calling that is truly listening to the voice of all of creation.  We will respond to your action with our support in training you and mentoring you. This project must reflect your integrity and a knowing or probing of what you want to offer the world. The project must be thorough and complete. Think big and think outside the box!

Send us your detailed plans, a short bio on yourself, a reference letter, the vision statement of the project and the action plan. You will have one year to complete the project. We will check in and expect updates as well as documentation of your process. The project will be supported by us through out the training and 100% self motivated and directed by you.

Friends of Stawamus Society Act

In addition to the above, another full scholarship spot will be for First Nations. It would be an honour to work with you in this way. Fill out a regular application as well as sending in a copy of your Status Card and a letter of intention and commitment to the full program. Please also include a character reference letter from an elder in your community.

We are excited to announce our 2018 Scholarship Recipients who we will receive our continued support in your dreams coming into action!

Arnie Pelletier

I was born and raised in Terrace, B.C. 
It’s a beautiful town surrounded by old growth forests and the mighty rivers of our sacred headwaters. 
I have two beautiful daughters that have been my pride and joy to raise. Both girls are in college and I couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishments. 
I’m passionate about sports and have a love for basket ball, and had the honour of coaching both my girls, and passing on my love of the sport to them. I then had the opportunity to continue to coach at our local High School. 
I’m very grateful for this new opportunity, I’m also very excited to be able to share this in the community I work in.
I believe our connection to Nature is healing and I am eager to learn and experience physically and spiritually all this new path entails. 

Ciara Hill

Firstly, thank you so much for this incredible gift! I am honored to receive this opportunity to immerse myself in the Shamanic Yoga Training.

My name is Ciara Hill and I am Lower Mohawk from Six Nations. Although I have always lived off my reservation, I have felt in tune with animals and Mother Earth, understanding and appreciating the interdependent nature of all living beings.

I am a registered personal trainer, plant-based nutritionist, and passionate animal advocate. I am finishing a Business Management Degree from Athabasca University and hold a Business Diploma from Niagara College. This opportunity gives me a setting wherein I can begin to heal wholeheartedly, removing blockages to my abundance so I can move forward with purpose rooted in my individuality.

I am excited to start the journey towards greater self awareness and ultimately learning my core truth and purpose here on Mother Earth. I intend on sharing Shamanic teachings and wisdom with members of my community and those on a similar path to reclaiming their personal power and being a beacon of light and healing for others.





Kristen Batjer

I’m Kristen Batjer. A mother, sister daughter, friend answering the call to serve. For as long as I can remember I’ve been healing, in such unintentional ways, upon waking up spirituality after years of escape and disconnection, I have began to realize who I am, and I how I am called to service, as a healer, and as a teacher, through movement and alignment and through shamanic ceremony, I am so grateful for this opportunity, I have been given through this scholarship program, to bring this unique practice to my community in Terrace B.C, where I live on a hobby farm with my two children Brody and Dusty. Our dogs Syrah and Dolly, Horses Sansa and Annie Oakley, our mini goat Lucy.
I feel called to help empower and inspire people, I feel called to help bring healing to those who need to be nourished, energetically, mentally and on level with the soul. My purpose is to help those get in connection with unconditional love, with our Divine Connection to the infinite.
To heal wounds and move into grace. 
As a survivor of sexual abuse as a child, my main focus of healing, is to hold space to rediscover, connection that was lost after trauma. Help the soul come together and to rediscover self love. To hold space for growth and healing on every level. 
I have a vision of building a yurt on my hobby farm and creating a healing centre.
Akasha wholistic,
A centre for healing
A place to hold yoga classes , workshops.
Ceremony, sweat lodges, rituals, and art classes. Creating a space for community. To thrive and empower, those that once felt lost, to rediscover the path the universe has for them.

Darlene Maloney

I am grateful for the physical expression of my passion. As I reach out, my request come into form, to help me grow and better understand myself.

In graditude and grace I am in service to learn, grow and share these sacred teachings.  A heartfelt thank you to Friends of Stawamus Society and the Shamanic Yoga Institute for granting me a life changing experience.

I reside in Squamish BC with my loving partner and 4 beautiful children.  I work for the Howe Sound Womans Centre as a assist store manager at their thrift store Pearl's Value & Vintage.

I am a intuitive in the moment person that steps into the unseen world with a humble heart.  A creative and inspiring women who can activate loving energy and hope into others.

Over the years I have over come many challenges which offered me insight into healing and freedom. The veils I have removed thus far brings me closer to fully nuturing myself and become facicilator in supporting others to healing.

I have been called to walk the Medicine Wheel.

"What we most love is not what we know, but what knows us and draws us......

Patanjali's Yoga Sutra

Ravi Ravindra

Chelsie McCutcheon

Chelsie McCutcheon is Wet’suwet’en Nation from Northern B.C. and a member of the Laksilyu   (Small Frog) Clan.  Chelsie resided in beautiful Squamish BC with her family and is an inspiring entrepreneur, creating recreational and healthy lifestyle programs for First Nations youth and communities.  With a vision of Aboriginal youth which are leaders in their communities.  Actively inspiring themselves and others, to live healthy lifestyles and reach their full potential through Outdoor Recreation, sharing and embracing the First Nations culture.

Chelsie completed a year Outdoor Recreational Eco-Tourism Leadership Program and is currently a Program Coordinator for the First Nations Snowboard Association.  Along with snowboarding, mountain biking, Chelsie would like to introduce yoga to First Nations youth and communities as a holistic tool to inspire a healthy community and social change.

Chelsie is honoured to be the recipient of the First Nations scholarship, as an Ambassador for Our Friends of the Stawamus and forever grateful to the Shamanic Yoga Institute for this opportunity.

“I am blessed with love, grace, and gratitude to be a part of the

Shamanic Yoga Institute Teachers Training, an opportunity that

will revolutionize my yoga practice.  Building a stronger connection

with my higher self and spirit.”   ~ Chelsie McCutcheon

Gaia Sophia

Gaia Sophia is a Generational Healer with extensive traditional and non-traditional training. She comes from a lineage of medicine people in Sumatra and had the opportunity to further her energy work and training with a Peruvian Medicine man, Arkan Lushwala. Gaia has also been honoured as a pipe carrier and water pourer. Due to her extensive training, she has been blessed to have a rich career in the healing arts for over 12 years.

Gaia felt called to do the Shamanic Yoga training a year ago upon her arrival to Squamish. The opportunity to be a scholarship applicant was exactly what Gaia needed to make this dream a reality. She is eternally grateful for the forces both physical and non-physical that made this journey possible. After completion Gaia intends to immediately apply these new tools to expand her professional healing practice, create workshops on self-healing, create a system for releasing energy stuck within the earth and serve our planet to the best of her ability. She believes that the internal and external worlds are a reflection of each other and when we take accountability for our own healing, we heal the planet. In proper relation to ourselves and our planet, we can create a world where we are ALL thriving. This is Gaia’s mission and heart’s desire.

Gaia currently resides with her eight-year old son and has a healing practice in Squamish, BC.  She offers workshops, awareness sessions, energy healings, and massage.  Her work aims to release the patterns of resistance that reside within the human energy field so that sovereignty can be reclaimed and one’s relationship to life and the earth restored. 



Andrea Celestina

Wow am I grateful... humbled... wide open heart.

I'm Andrea Celestina, dedicated seeker of the truth within and committed to fully connecting to my soul's path here on Earth. My deepest passion and calling is to serve women, especially Mothers, in healing the sacred feminine within and coming back into the body. This means embodying all aspects of the feminine - darkness and light. 

We do this through coming together in circle - dancing, journeying, finding our yoga, honouring our womb temples, and holding space for each other. This is my vision, that no woman or Mother feels alone on her path - that she has clear sight of her soul.

Before becoming a Mama just over 3 years ago, I studied Yoga Therapy and became a 200 hour yoga teacher. I am also fascinated by the depths of pregnancy and birth, and have trained with Birthing from Within.

I live in Victoria BC with my daughter Aluna and our fish Gaea. Here is where I can be found dancing my heart, walking in the forest, playing with my crystals and spirited daughter, and in deep conversations with loved ones. 

My call is to walk the Medicine Wheel, and all I can do is answer, in full service to myself and the sacred feminine of this world. My deepest wish - to see feminine and masculine heal, together, and together to raise a new generation of love filled beings. Here is where our Earth can shift back to it's centre. Deep bow.

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Lydia Williams

I would like to thank first like to thank the Shamanic Yoga Institute for posting the opportunity for a Squamish Nation member to take this training such an amazing opportunity!!

My name is Lydia Williams and I am Squamish and Tsimshian First Nations on my mother's side and my father sides we are French Canadian.

I was born and raised in Squamish, BC.

My parents are Ray Lebel and Darlene Lebel (Williams)

My grandparents are the late: Laura Williams ( Tsimshian ) and Chief David Williams ( Squamish Nation )

I was fortunate to learn first nations teachings from my Grandparents, aunties, uncles and many more people in my life growing up, they have all shown me how to treat others and I have learned that no matter what we need to all get together and love one another as time only keeps moving forward and it moves fast, so miss nothing and enjoy everything and if there is something that doesn't make you happy change it! life is short! write your own story!I hope to teach yoga & meditation for mindfulness in Squamish upon my completion of this training to children and youth in the Squamish Community!

Rochelle Quarry

Rochelle Quarry

I have been granted a life-changing gift: the Friends of Stawamus scholarship.

And I have clear intentions for sharing my experience with my community by establishing a multigenerational women's circle. Above all else, I am a student of relationships, and our circle is as much a necessity for myself as it is for others. I believe that when we feel included, accepting that we are here on this Earth on purpose, with purpose, we thrive.

I completed a double Bachelor's degree, at the University of British Columbia, in English and Education. University life was inspiring, but it was in my travels in South East Asia and South America that I received my greatest teachings. I began to accept that vulnerability is courageous; that I am worthy of my own compassion; and that I can draw from an inner strength, which is limitless.

Whether working alongside my children, high school students, or yoga students, I teach best what I need to learn most.

I live in North Vancouver with my daughter Ophelia, son Atlas, and Transformer the cat. I have great appreciation for my family, belly laughs, snacking in the tub, outdoor adventures, and cheeky animals.

What do I wish to see ?

A multigenerational and diverse assembly of women whose common bond is not competitive or career focused

An established foundation of trust so that we can support and honor one another through life's transitions

Women offering each other help, and more importantly willing to accept it

Creation, laughter, compassion

A model of community for our children

Vision Statement

Our circle is inclusive of all women. We gather to invite the elements of ceremony, creativity, and connection into our lives. We witness and celebrate with one other through life's rites of passage, recognizing that each journey is unique. We bestow the rich wisdom and support of this collective upon our children.