Curriculum & Learning Outcomes

Become a full Mesa carrier for the Collective and the Divine Feminine Way

Many Voices Teaching in a Collaborative Leadership Model:

Christine Selda, Rochelle Quarry, Anita Weimann, Chelsie McCutcheon

& Mathew Remski

Sri Vinana Bhairava Tantra: Banter Verse 20-21

I am everywhere, infusing everything.

To find me,

Become absorbed in intense experience.

Go all the way.

Be drenched in the energies of life.

Enter the world beyond separation.

The light of a candle reveals a room.

The rays of the sun reveal the world.

So does the divine feminine

Illumine the way to me.


śakty avasthā praviṣṭasya nirvibhāgena bhāvanā |

tadāsau śiva rūpī syāt śaivī mukham ihocyate || 20 ||

yathālokena dīpasya kiraṇair bhāskarasya ca |

jñāyate digvibhāgādi tadvac chaktyā śivaḥ priye || 21 ||


Inspired Translation from Lorin Roche.

Learning Outcomes:

Chanting of the full Sri Vijnana Bhairava Tantra text

Yukti Tantric practices of Dharana: Becoming Light

Collective healings x 4

Water Ceremony

Egg Cleansing and Divination-Oomancy

Samhain Ceremony

Journeys x 6

Shakti Nidras

Training in taking others on journeys

Divine Feminine healings – exchanges

Distance and Surrogate Healings

Ceremony for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Story of White Buffalo Calf Woman and Journey

Seven Sacred Teachings

Community Art Project for Visioning Together

Poetry Salon

Birthing new stories for the divine feminine- ART

Guest Speaker: Mathew Remski on inclusivity and MeToo Yoga

Building of energy vortexes

Divine Feminine and Social Justice Teachings

Responsive Voice

Service to Humanity

Tools to embody your truth and become your message, your medicine and your direct action.