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Meaningful Career Opportunities
Meaningful Career Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in advancing your medicine work with the Shamanic Yoga Institute.

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Assisting a Medicine Wheel or Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training for SYI:

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Assistant for the upcoming Shamanic Yoga Institute training. The work is rich and meaningful, and we are grateful that you are considering joining us for another revolution. The school is expanding, and we are constantly looking for opportunities to invite ayllu members into our circles, to continue your mentorship and learning with us. We are committed to finding a place for everyone not only through our assistant and community support but also through our ayllu scholarship spots.
At this time, with uncertainty around numbers due to COVID, we will have to limit our number of assistants per training. Next year, we will be offering assistant spots to both our 300-hour SYTT as well as our Medicine Wheel.

To give you a taste of the intent of this program, we have compiled details of the role of the assistant and the current aims of the Shamanic Yoga Institute in the outline below.


Benefits of the Assistant


Personal Practice:

You will be given space to delve deeper into your own work as you return to walk the four directions of the Medicine Wheel, with ample opportunities to experience processes as both participant and facilitator. We ask that you participate in the homework and readings assigned to the group. As an assistant, you are asked to expand your capacity to hold space and to practice Seva with humility. The new ayllu will seek out your support and guidance. Prior to each direction, assistants are asked to practice the sacred art of ayni despacho on behalf of the group. You are asked to be present for all 20 days for SYTT and 12 days for MW and arrive each morning before trainees to set up the space as required and continue maintenance throughout. You will be also the key players in closing down each evening session, as needed.

Professional Practice:

Assistants are offered a highly reduced tuition rate of $275 per direction for the Medicine Wheel and 300-hour Teacher Training. You will receive the entirety of the course at this rate as a student with some added responsibilities and access to the inner workings of the course teaching. Your course hours will be certified with the Canadian Yoga Alliance as assistant teaching training hours. As a mentor, you will be asked to step into a supportive role for a number of mentees during intensives and the space between directions. As a yoga teacher, you will have opportunities to practice teaching and receive feedback during the training. You will lead the fire and water ceremonies and be asked to open sacred space and demonstrate energetic processes when requested. Each direction of the training will end with a meal out with your teachers to celebrate our medicine work and deepen your relationships with them through friendship and food.


RYT 500HR Stream:

If you are interested in working towards your RYT 500 title, we ask for an added fee of $500. In that instance, in each direction, you will submit the homework of the training with an additional assignment to enrich your studies. This also reserves you a practicum space in the East. At the end of the course, you will be eligible to apply for your certification with the Canadian Yoga Alliance.

Expanding Your Offerings:

Once you have completed at minimum one more turn of the Medicine Wheel as an assistant, one of our mastery courses, and private or group mentorship with Christine or Rochelle, you are eligible to apply to be a lead facilitator. We would love those passionate about the work to take the training to other communities around the world! This would grant you access to the syllabus for the Shamanic Yoga Institute Teacher Training and course promotion from the Institute at a competitive contractor rate.
We are widening our vision and are excited to have dedicated students willing to step in to study, serve and rise.


Apply Here to Assistant Teach with SYI - Please write a letter stating the year you became a Full Mesa Carrier, who your teachers are, and what course you are requesting to Assistant teach on.

By saying yes to this next stage in leadership, you are aligning with and investing in a small grassroots woman-founded and women-run organization.

The Shamanic Yoga Institute is a collective of teachers and mentors committed to training practitioners in the technologies of the soul through shamanism, yoga and expressive arts from a feminist perspective, for liberation for all beings, in all worlds. Our aim is to grow our collaborative business model by establishing streams of opportunity for our students to carry the work forward. First and foremost, we are creating meaningful careers where practitioners can live their passion and be paid well to do so. You become part of the legacy, as you take these teachings and methodology of practice out into the world.


When you engage at the level of facilitator you will have the support of a meaningful community of teachers, receive guidance and mentorship to prepare you, and be platformed with the backing of an established mystery school that has been in operation for the last 15 years.

Interested in Teaching for SYI?
Contact the Shamanic Yoga Institute with a Letter of Intent stating your interest in teaching with the school and which courses you wish to lead. Please include your regionality request, and describe the venues you have access to, outline your experience as a facilitator, and the student demographic that you have established and will be able to market to. Candidates will be selected based on active engagement in their communities. Please describe your in person and online presence. Also attach a copy of your current resume including training history, healing practice and group facilitation. If hired, you will be under contract and paid per direction.


Prerequisites to Teach a Medicine Wheel or a Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training for SYI

You must have completed a SYI Medicine Wheel Course or a 300-hour SYI Teacher Training, as well as attend all 4 directions as an assistant with SYI at least once after becoming a full mesa carrier. To keep current and facilitate high quality courses under SYI you are required to engage in the minimum of 15 hours of continuing education per year with SYI, this could include mentorship circle, retreat, mastery classes or private sessions. We strongly encourage engagement with mentorship as a group or one on one indefinitely as you will go much deeper into this work by teaching it. You will need to take care of your own personal work to be a high calibre teacher without projections and blind spots. Mandatory requirements to teach for SYI are humility and practice.

Prerequisites to Teach a Mastery Course for SYI

You must have completed the White Global Mesa Course, a 6-month Mentorship with one of the head teachers and maintain continuing education hours with SYI annually. To do so, you can participate in any of the Medicine Wheel or Yoga Teacher Trainings, register for a Mastery course, or join a Mentorship Circle. We strongly encourage engagement with mentorship as a group or one on one indefinitely as you will go much deeper into this work by teaching it.

Continuing Education to Support Your Leadership Journey

The senior faculty members of SYI are available for ongoing mentorship to support you as you deepen your study and continue your inquiry. Currently, Christine has space in her private practice for graduates, as well as offering a 10-month online mentorship series to provide a space for group healing through the practices of shamanism, yoga, and expressive arts.

You will need to take care of your own personal work to be a high calibre teacher without projections and blind spots.

Small Group Mentorship to Prepare you to Take the Seat of the Medicine Teacher

In our efforts to further our collaborative model of teaching, and offer trainings in different regions, we have created a 5-month private mentorship stream for practitioners who are willing to be on contract with SYI as Medicine Teachers. This program is designed to support and prepare those unable to attend a full course as an assistant. In this bi-weekly mentorship series you will:

  • Apprentice with the lead teachers of the Shamanic Yoga Institute
  • Gain access to the 4 Medicine Wheel Teacher’s Manuals
  • Workshop and practice teach the primary energy techniques of each direction
  • Train with other apprenticing lead teachers (program will run with a minimum of two to a maximum of four participants)

Session One: This mentorship series begins with a foundational session exploring the methodology and practice of the Mountain Shamanism Medicine Wheel

Session 2-3: Engage with the teachings, processes, and purpose of the SOUTH + open forum Q&A

Session 4-5: Engage with the teachings, processes, and purpose of the WEST + open forum Q&A

Session 6-7: Engage with the teachings, processes, and purpose of the NORTH + open forum Q&A

Session 8-9: Engage with the teachings, processes, and purpose of the EAST + open forum Q&A

Session 10: Final preparations, review of the wholistic view of the Medicine Wheel, cultural/social/group dynamics – aspects to consider as change-agents, when crafting and casting your circles


Purchasing Curriculum

Currently, our Mastery, Medicine Wheel, and Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training 300-hr Curriculum is available for purchase. Each course package includes:

  • Digital Teacher’s Manuals (access to updated editions annually) 
  • Digital Student Manuals and supplemental resources (access to updated editions annually)
  • Digital copies of posters 
  • SYI Branding
  • Continued contribution in a Collaborative Open Learning Mystery School
  • Permission to offer course processes and practices – in part or in full – in your own private practice or community offerings

For more information, please connect with us at: