The Medicine Wheel teaches the ancient ways of the Q’ero Medicine People of Peru, South America.  The Medicine Wheel is a process that Shamans have passed on orally since the beginning of time.  Informing and enriching, the Medicine Wheel guides participants on their personal healing journeys and re-connects them with nature. Experience a ceremonial fire, journey to meet power animals, learn Incan healing techniques and shamanic breathing. Receive ancient Rites of Passage. Develop a Mesa, the Shaman’s Altar, a personal power bundle and a medicine bag of healing stones. Work extensively with nature, and invite a dialogue with her. Classes are located in the stunning Squamish valley in British Columbia with a view of the Stawamus Chief and rivers. Surrounded by eagles in the fall and winter. Participants will gather for three-day periods, four times throughout a one-year cycle to complete the four directions of the Medicine Wheel.







Commence the journey in the South, home of the archetype Serpent, where participants learn to shed the past, and begin to detach from our wounds and personal stories. Learn to release heavy energy accumulated in our bodies. Receive Rites of Passage, which will assist us in building our Mesas and lead to our Healer’s Rites. This is the Journey of the Healer.

Clear the past with energy healing
Learn how to use energy to heal
Oral traditions of Shamanism revealed
Use creative outlets such as story writing
Cleansing the spirit by shedding the past


The next turn of the Medicine Wheel brings us to the West, learn about the Jaguar, who teaches us about life, death and rebirth. Face fears and family shadows, and step across the bridge to learn to walk as warriors, without enemies. Receive Rites as guardians and keepers of the earth. This is the Journey of the Warrior.

Connect with your ancestors
Honour your passed spirits and lineage
Learning how to do perceptual shifting
Work with and remove your shadows
Art modalities in nature to heal oneself


In the North, meet the archetype Hummingbird and learn to taste knowledge directly, to manifest the impossible, and to receive ancestral knowledge. Come to know your lineage of light carriers and step into the lineage of the Q’ero elders. Receive Rites as keepers of the mountains. This is the Journey of the Teacher.

Use a variety of ways to get into perceptual states
Individual fire ceremony
Commit to Spirit
Solitude and Silence to find your True Self
Poetry writing
Continue into your powerful healing journey


In the final gathering we explore the East and the archetype of the Eagle, who demonstrates how to experience vision, destiny and the possibilities of becoming. Develop our vision of peace. Receive the Rites of the star beings. This is the Journey of the Visionary.

Return together as a group
Discuss on the years path of healing
Understand how it all tied together
Build a collage
Learn from the Eagle Archetype