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3rd Annual Community Retreat - Sayulita 2023

3rd Annual Community Retreat - Sayulita​ 2023

Join founder of Shamanic Yoga, Dr. Christine Selda, for a week of spiritual renewal and revitalization at our “little house of dreams,” Hotelito Los Sueños. We can’t wait to go back! Beautiful breakfast buffet after practice in the best little yoga shalas in Sayulita. Enjoy in house massages, two pools, complimentary beach towels, umbrellas, and bikes. Just one block from the surf beach and walking distance to downtown artisans and dining. Fun, play and friendship included.

This retreat is the best of both worlds: experience two, deep dive yoga practices with Christine each day, with space to explore and rest in the afternoons and evenings. Families, singles, partners, and all levels welcome to this retreat. Save your spot as we have limited room reserved. We can’t wait to share this retreat with you!

Rooms available in: Single, Double and Family Occupancy
Deposit: $500

Past Retreats

Past Retreats

Salute the Sun: Shamanic Yoga Retreat 2022

Join Christine Selda, Ph.D. from Shamanic Yoga Institute and Nikki Hainstock from Spirit Walk Retreats for a week of Shamanic Yoga, Healing, Sun, Rest and Play! The offering consists of daily Shamanic Yoga classes, Journeys, Sutra Study, Shakti Nidras, and optional additions of Shamanic Ceremonies, Pilgrimage to Monkey Mountain, Surf Lessons, Horseback Riding, and Private Shamanic Healing Sessions with Christine and Nikki. 

Our location is in the fun sweet village of Sayulita in the little house of dreams -Hotelito Los Suenos, where we have our Ganesha Yoga Shala, that we have access all day to and a daily terrace breakfast buffet. There are two pools, bikes, and a lovely front desk that can book you massages, acupuncture, zip line tours, and more if you wish. We are also two blocks from the quiet side of the beautiful beach itself!

This retreat sets you up with a sweet place for a wonderful vacation in Sayulita, Mexico, with the amazing opportunity to have access to these two master teachers at a great price. You will be seeped in Shamanic Yoga to make your vacation a truly excellent and high-caliber experience. The promise of this retreat is mastery practice and play!

Camp Fircom: Black Stone Retreat 2022

A spirit spot of Christine’s childhood, this land holds the imprint of inner-child work, of play. During this weekend, participants are invited to begin activating a Black Stone Mesa. Your medicine bundle will become a toolbox filled with plumbing stones for shamanic soul retrieval for our human and more-than-human family. This work of reconciliation is the cornerstone of all animistic, shamanic practice. Track motivation, participate in Shamanic Yoga classes, satiate your creative urges through expressive arts processes. Come and breathe new life into your spiritual inspirations, nurture yourself and strengthen your capacity to be a catalyst who can hold a sustained vision of wholeness – the Healer’s Cosmology.

Aligned with out last retreat, we are holding the vision in action for collaboration, community, and connection. Self-selected or Spirit-selected, YOU are absolutely invited!

Camp Fircom: First Community Retreat 2021

This first annual retreat was our response to the absence of community and connection that we all experienced over the last year and a half. We felt it was time to harvest the insights we gathered from this period of solitude and restore and reconnect to our meaningful relationships with our sadhana (our spiritual practice) and each other. As an Institute, we had been questioning, practicing, and creating new modalities of leadership, and learning how to articulate and put into action the foresight for the changes we wish to see for the world. Our circle was filled with strong, playful women ready to consider their contribution as individuals and collaborators in this new vision. We immersed ourselves in yoga, rest, time in nature, art and play-based activities, and soul-evolving conversations. 


Reflections from Our Weekend

The forecast called for a cosmic river of rain. Cloaked in copious amounts of garbage bags and Gortex, we crossed the Salish Sea to Camp Fircom on our trusty vessel the Apodaca. Our group walked the adolescent playgrounds of Christine and Nikki and Mieke and sat in circle with a collective of mesa carriers. The medicine work activated quickly, mesas and hearts were cleared. We held ceremony at the edge of the tumultuous waters, calling for the removal of our distortions. We ended commitments and made new vows. And on our final night together, created flags that represented our relationship to power and danced to the songs that filled us with vitality. We cannot wait to go back to camp!!!