Our intention is to keep alive and pass on the ancient teaching for the stewardship of the self and of the earth. We work from a shamanic perspective. Our Mountain Shamanism centre and the Shamanic Yoga Institute creates guidance for personal healing journeys to re connect people with nature spirituality and the wisdom of their own souls. We believe this work contributes collectively to a universal transformation of joy, balance and well being for all our relations.


Life as we know it is exalted and celebrated through so many types of ceremonies. Many of which our shamanic technicians are dedicated to be there for people in their times of Love, Union and Passings.

We specialize in:

Fire Ceremonies: $250
House Clearing: $250
Death Rites: $500
Blessing Ways: $500
Weddings: $1000
Shamanic Energy Healing: $100-250



Christine uses energy from around your body to release or move energy throughout and around the body. Shamanic energy healing involves using sound and song to encourage movement of the energy. Using ancient tools that have been passed on orally for centuries.

Individual Adult Sessions:
$250 for 1.5 hour session

Each session will use a combination of counselling, expressive arts and shamanic healing techniques as required.


Christine Selda - In Person ~ Vancouver/Squamish & Western North America
Anita Weimann - In person ~ Vancouver/Squamish & Western North America
Cindy Stockdale - In person ~Portland & Western North America

We are available to long distant healings over the phone and online


Is for the human family to come back into right relationship with Mother Earth and live in gratitude of the creation of life. To step out of boundaries and into a place that is beyond what our linear thinking is. We are a collective community of visionaries, dreamers, healers, artists and entrepreneurs who are working towards healing of Self, first and foremost, to then allow healing to happen with all our relations.