Shamanic Yoga Institute


We are so grateful when our participants take the time to recount their experience with SYI. Below is a small sample of reflections from our students, past and present.

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“This wheel changed my life. It has made me a better person as I worked towards my truth with accountability, love and support. I felt held, challenged and guided. I was reminded of what I already knew but kept having excuses to forget. It is the most important work I have done thus far. It will help me be a better mother, wife, sister, and daughter. With great gratitude and respect, I wish to say thank you.”
J. Rivet
“I leave this training with such reverence for what it means to be a student and filled with excitement and pride to be learning for life.”
K. Young
“Shamanic yoga has helped me to rise from the stories I've told myself and been stuck in. Doing the work has helped me to move forward in my life and choose a new path for myself. Although my work has just begun, I am now better able to serve others.”
C. Douglas
“I heard this call and did not know what I was embarking on, but now I am grateful a thousand times over that I said yes to the experience. Those called to this path are fortunate and blessed. Thank you, Shamanic Yoga Institute for showing me a more beautiful perspective on life than I could have ever imagined was possible.”
S. Harris
“Whether coming into this training with wounds exposed or with a clear focus on achieving a tangible goal of yoga, you will feel safe, you will feel seen, you will feel vulnerable, but so gently held and deeply protected. You will feel wholeness, invicible and gracious. The Shamanic Yoga training was a sacred pilgrimage for me. At times, it was hard, at others exceptionally moving and beautiful, and all within myself. The journey was so humbling and blossoming. I feel more whole, more my truest self, more open and surrendering in all my life aspects. No words can express fully how much gratitude I have for the teachers and ayllu community. Nothing feels better than finding your self and your tribe.”
C. Green
“This training is transformational in the deepest of ways. Highly recommended for anyone who has the courage to walk the path of finding out why you are really here. It's more than I could of ever hoped for.”
K. Dowie
“If you love and appreciate all that nature has to offer. If you love your family. A must. Do this journey not only for your self-healing, but of all nations. Moving beyond the fear, attachment and judgement has been transformative.”
T. Hopkins
“The Shamanic Yoga training is a beautiful dance between the practice of yoga and its philosophy, shamanism, tools for self-growth and to be of service to others. Once you commit to this program until the finish, it will feel life changing, like you can never go back to how you lived.”
N. Campbell
“This wheel helped me to see my medicine body, and recognize and develop a vision of myself as a healer. It shook me from my position within my story, many aspects of which have held me fast to positions that were draining, misshapen, and false. It has turned me toward outside, toward above and beneath and a humble intent to fill these medicine shoes in a good way.”
K. Wells
“Thank you for honoring my ancestors and gifting me this experience.”
L. Williams