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What is a Mesa Carrier?

At the end of the four directions of the Mountain Shamanism Medicine Wheel, you become a mesa carrier: an Earthkeeper, whose duty is in service to the land, the mountains, the stars, and our people. Throughout the apprenticeship, a medicine bundle is constructed to support and journey alongside us on the path of initiation and activation of our authentic service.

Through the experiential apprenticeship, mesa carriers learn to be Self-inquiring and Self-referencing. They learn to hold in awareness their true nature as whole and Spirit-embodied, which erodes away limiting beliefs born out of scarcity and separation.

A mesa carrier is someone willing to do the work necessary to dignify and integrate the shadow pieces of self to build a relationship with power in integrity. Christine teaches us to walk our talk as technicians of the sacred and workers of the soul’s domain; how we do this outside of sacred space, living our practice, matters. The mesa carriers who I am blessed to know are change-agents committed to refining the medicine that they carry and offer to the world, discerning that their exchanges with others are done with right action, right loving, and right vision. They live with heightened response-ability and a willing capacity for change.

As I began to write this piece, I asked some of my beloved community what they believed a mesa carrier was. Their answers arrange themselves beautifully, like tiles into the great mosaic of this work.

“a willing witness”

“a person who works towards balance and alignment in the spiritual world, the natural world and their own heart”

“a student of Spirit”

“a co-creator with the Divine. Someone with unshakable trust”

“a champion of the voiceless, and the unseen”

“a leader of light”

“someone who unselfishly cares deeply about respectfully healing the wounds of the past to move forward in a good way”

“Someone who has an initiated understanding of their personal power”

If you carry a mesa, I invite you to look again at the commitment you have made. Where have you grown in your capacity to show up for living a life that is sacred? In what ways do you conceptualize this role in your community and for the earth? How does your mesa support your evolution and that of the collective?

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