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February Newsletter – 2022

We are being called to step up, mesa carriers, earthkeepers, medicine people, healers and visionaries. Do not look away. Artists, love activists, harbingers of hope. Keep singing and praying for our human family. Contribute where you can, how you can. Invoke unity to release the barriers of separation and division. Call the lineage to support you, transmit beyond preconceived notions of your capacity. 

Resource Love.
Sustain Light. 
Amplify Peace. 


Reflections from Meet the Space Holders Event
from facilitator, Blaire Embrey 

“We sat together virtually on the evening of February 17th and called forth our motivation, intentions, and questions about our upcoming Yoga Teacher Training. Our Lead Teachers, Lorena Quintero and Gin Perry, spoke of their personal experiences with Shamanic Yoga Institute and the motivations that propelled them to humbly accept and take the seat of the teacher.  

We sit with the intentions of Activism, Gratitude, Expansion, Connection, Growth, Transformation, and Depth as we move forward in this work.

There is still time to join us in this sacred space and be witnesses to the awe and mystery of life!”

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SYI Updates

Teacher’s Circle
We are in month two of our Spirit-selected teacher’s circle. Each of the women who have shown up for this mentorship continue to show us new ways that the medicine is alive in the world. Chris has urged us to continue to ask ourselves about motivation in our leadership – Does this create separation or does this create connection? – and to source from the Soul in all of our teachings. In our mesas, it is the birth stone that tethers us to the essential Self, the connection to all things, and leads us to non-dual consciousness. 

In our last two sessions, the group explored processes of the South with the intent of dispelling the seeds of scarcity consciousness, and removing imprints of persecution so that we can refine this work free of abuses and oppression and move it forward together. We are activating love, unity and liberation and landmarking the techniques of ecstacy that propel us into liminal space. With elegance and grace as our guiding forces, we are researching our connection to the lineage. 

We wove together our prayers for the Earth and for our human family and cast a wide, wide, circle of the sacred that encompassed the globe. Calling in the assistance of all the light carriers of the unseen realms, we sang mantra and heart songs, invoking peace, healing and ceasefire. In body, breath and our art we explored desire: for ourSelves and for the Earth. We will take the harvested tools from this circle to our land art to contribute to the activation of peace.

February Blog

This month, Rochelle speaks to the concept of lineage, both the pitfalls of hierarchal systems of power and the beauty of a timeless and formless connection. She begins:

By definition, lineage is an unbroken line of descendants that trace their origin from a common ancestor or founder. In the context of mystery schools, this refers to a sacred tradition of passing knowledge from teacher to student through a series of secret transmissions and initiations decided upon by the master. Most lineages are exclusive in their membership and claim to operate as such to serve the collective obligation of upholding the integrity and legitimacy of their teachings. In structures where authority is hierarchal in its nature, we find an imbalance in privilege, status, and agency. Across time and culture this has consistently resulted in perversions of power and abuse.

As a school, we align with the post-lineage model of yoga, which applies critical theory paradigms to decentralize power. We aim to carry forward the technologies of the sacred in collaboration, held accountable to our communities and the more-than-human realms. 

What do we mean when we say lineage?
When we open sacred space and invoke an unbroken lineage of light carriers, we are calling forward an essence that is clean and clear from the histories and imprints of power distortions and perversions. We are not sourcing from a person, or a tribe, or a single doctrine. There is no human key-holder determining our access to the wisdom and power of non-dual consciousness. It is both formless and timeless and can be found in liminal space, where we and we alone can realign with purpose and free will. This is a lineage that acknowledges the forgotten ones, it reclaims the Feminine.

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Practice with SYI @ Shala Yoga
Full Mesa Carriers and Shamanic Yoga trained Teachers :

Christine Selda, Rochelle Quarry, Gin Perry, Jessica Kelly, Jon Dixon, Michelle Cronier and and Kayla Young leading and orchestrating our Karma Yoga Program. 

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