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January Newsletter – 2022

As January comes to a close we reflect on the structures that hold and the new shapes that are forming.

Look out for upcoming trainings with ALL of the beautiful teachers named in this newsletter, and many to follow! Thank you to our community for your continued support and love and encouragement. Our work has always been grassroots and female lead. We have relied on word of mouth to fill our trainings. As the world changes we are rising to spread our seeds via technology and artistry. Please support our business by sharing us with your friends and family. We have a growing community of teachers to serve humanity now.

SYI Updates

Teacher’s Circle
We are grateful for the first circle of initiation in our Teachers Mentorship we started this new year. We have nine spirit selected teachers that have formed our faculty for sharing the work of Shamanic Yoga Institute 2022:
 Christine Selda
Rochelle Quarry
Blaire Embrey
Gin Perry
Lorena Quintero
Verena Frutiger
Heather Durward
Colleen Reid
Brittany Lyons

 In this inaugural session, Christine spoke to the intent of the mentorship as a satsang, a series of gatherings to sit down with truth, to deepen our knowledge with our hearts open and to find our alignment within the collective. This circle of sisters have said YES to carrying the work of Shamanic Yoga Institute and these medicine teachings into the world. They will be in a 10-session intensive mentorship to refine their skill in action as transmitters of awakening. They will be trained in the pedagogy and methodology of the Shamanic Yoga Institute and refined in their teaching tools for the Medicine Wheel and Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training.

We are so excited to offer this new container for work to Grow and these teachers to have an opportunity to Shine and Share their Light!

Medicine Wheel Nelson – Completes 
From lead teacher Anita Weimann: “Sweet Love, what a ride 2021 was! We completed the East Medicine Wheel in the Valley of Secwepemc, Sinixt and Ktunaxa traditional territory surrounded by Scalping and Saddle Mountains on Arrow lake. The ancestors of the land rejoiced as we opened our hearts through prayer and practiced the water ceremony to acknowledge those who have walked the lands for thousands of years.

Our work as Spiritual Warriors is to assist in recalibrating the land through prayer and spiritual tools; the peoples of these lands were moved out when BC Hydro created a massive reservoir to feed energy the US at the end of the 1800’s. As intuitive readers of the land, the ayllu spent their graduation ceremony praying, singing and giving offerings to the waters to be in right relationship to the Originals who lost their land. 

The teacher’s potlatch is my favourite! It’s a performance expressive art piece that we share during the East direction; this act of love for self and the journey always brings heartfelt tears to everyone’s healing process. I am in awe and astounded by our graduates and how they shared and said YES to their destiny in the East. 

As the wheels keep turning, I want to bow in reverence to all of our Ayllu of the past, present and future, which includes all of the teachers of the Shamanic Yoga Institute. Thank you for persevering and continuing to shine the light and being the warriors who look directly into the shadow pieces so together we can reclaim our power. 
We are the ones, we have been waiting for.”

Congratulations to our new ayllu members and full mesa carriers!!! We cannot wait to be in circle with you. 
Alison Lukyn – Soma
Erin Thomson – Ixchel
Selina Birkett – Mama Mukwa
Kish Pedersen – Pukay 

with Gin Perry and Lorena Quintero

Space still available! 

If you are new to these teachers, please indulge yourself with Gin’s Sound Bath, created for the SYI YTT. She is a gifted artist, leader and medicine woman. Enjoy!! 

This is a call out to our community now to water the seeds of our garden we have planted with sweet intent and our mesa mastai. Please talk about our upcoming trainings and amplify our voices to call out a wider audience to join these transformational trainings with the school and these teachers.

As always we will continue to offer bursaries and scholarships to those with barriers. We still have space in our next SYTT for a First Nations full scholarship. Please send and encourage anyone who you believe would benefit from our training now. The training begins in March 2022, applications will be received until March 15.

To apply visit:

January Blog

This month, Rochelle reflects on a practice she shared with participants of the Outdoor Medicine Wheel. Connecting her experience with her relationship to the beauty of Shamanic Yoga, she begins:

It snowed continuously for two nights and the powder covering the trails of Legacy Park are well-passed my knees. By the early morning light of an equinox sunrise, I roll out my yoga mat and sit down to sing. I gaze around at our circle of participants and am met by some not-so-sure expressions. Padded by an oversized Cowichan sweater, a Stanfield, a plethora of pants and socks, I begin our practice of Shamanic Yoga on the final day of the West.   

As we begin to move, it doesn’t take long for the layers to peel off–puffy jackets and resistance–fall by the wayside. A rhythm takes hold of the group, breaths drop into a cadence that we have chosen together, unorchestrated by our analytical minds. We find fluidity in our bodies and allow ourselves to be inspired by the waking forest around us.  

I trust the practice as it unfolds. Each one of us are learning how to be in right relationship with our embodiment, perhaps even tasting the liberation that is ours to claim. Connecting and responding to the visible face of Spirit, we move as animals and water currents, become bridges, and stand within a council of mountains. We offer the bodying forth of our devotion to the ascending light rising through the treeline. In the end, we lay down to our little death blanketed in silent awareness like the forest by the snow.  

Continue reading at:

Not only just in studio, but from anywhere – livestream and on-demand. SYI has a teaching roster out of Shala Yoga with full Mesa Carriers and Shamanic Yoga trained Teachers :

Christine Selda, Rochelle Quarry, Gin Perry, Jessica Kelly, Jon Dixon, Michelle Cronier and and Kayla Young leading and orchestrating our Karma Yoga Program. Find Lorena Quintero at YYoga and soon in her outdoor classes, too!!!!!

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