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March Newsletter – 2022

After the silence and rest that winter brings, walking the trails in Squamish, the forest is bursting with wakefulness. The False Lily of the Valley, spiralling her heart shaped leaves open, covers the forest floor in a blanket of green. Like the more-than-human world, we, too, are being called to reorient ourselves to the light. 

The White Mesa

When you open it you become other: the hollow bone, the witness, beyond names, roles and status. In opening it, you say yes to this activation of visioning and serving a new way, for a peaceful, just world for all.

Join founder and creatrix, Christine Selda, alongside a teaching team of dedicated medicine women, Carolyn Green, Lorena Quintero, Chelsie McCutcheon and Rochelle Quarry for this collective work.

Come wayfind with us in the waters of the Feminine. Participate in mastery energy work, immerse yourself in shakti nidra and journeying, take social action through art and ceremony, and open to experiencing Divine consciousness in both the manifest world and in the beauty of our embodiment, through the transmissions of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra.

If you are new to the practice of Shakti Nidra, Christine has created this beautiful journey to the Womb of the Heart as an experiential offering, just for you!

This 2-part immersion is offered IN-PERSON as well as LIVESTREAM:
Friday April 22 – Friday April 24th
Friday May 6th – Friday May 8th 

Apply today:

SYI Updates

Outdoor Medicine Wheel – North Direction

It was a weekend of sanctuary and spaciousness. Having honoured their stories and the histories of their ancestors in the first two directions, participants turned their gazes towards the mountains and opened their hearts to the wisdom keepers housed within. These medicine workers dismembered constructs of identity and resistance, anything that could hindering them from attuning with the vision of their soul’s purpose. They built beautiful despachos for the Earth and offered these envelopes of dreams at their commitment fires. It was a privilege to hold space for these sacred vows, singing beneath the dark radiance of the full moon. May we all keep asking ourselves about the nature of our commitment, and remain accountable to love.
– Rochelle Quarry

Shamanic Yoga 300-hour Teacher Training – South Direction

What an amazing group we had in our journey to the South for the Shamanic Yoga teacher training. We laughed, we cried, and we shed old layers of ourselves and changed our stories. We reclaimed the lost parts of ourselves so that we can remember our wholeness and perfection. 

We learned about opening sacred space and holding ceremonies so that we can be of service to our communities. We went through some powerful processes to peel back the layers of that which we are not and find our truest essence. I am humbled by the courage, the willingness and the palpable love and care of these brave students who have answered the call of spirit. Already, transformation has been witnessed and we are excited to see the ways in which these new ayllu members will walk the medicine path. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for saying yes.
– Gin Perry

Teacher’s Mentorship Circle

As we dig into the West of our Medicine Wheel and Yoga Teacher Mentorship, we witnessed and burned our fears in the fire. As we rise to the call and place ourselves in the seat of the teacher, we remove all that is holding us back. The stories, the fears; what is blocking us from seeing ourselves?
– Blaire Embrey

March Blog

This month, Rochelle speaks of her experience this past weekend at the first SYI in-person, community kirtan since 2020! She begins: 

After months, even years of restrictions, we gathered once more for an evening of kirtan. On nights such as this, the community floods the cozy four walls of the Yoga Studio in downtown Squamish. Children snake around bolsters and bodies, on their countless trips to the snack table, while past students, friends, family, and newcomers unite, to chant the names of the Divine. Tonight, we gather to celebrate the new initiates of the SYI 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training, weaving them into a wider circle of support. We prepare to be cracked open by love.

Kirtan is form of bhakti yoga; a spiritual methodology governed by loving devotion. When we come together to sing, no matter the form love takes, we are invoking an aspect of Divinity that captures our hearts and supports us in our work. Continue reading at:

Practice with SYI @ Shala Yoga
Full Mesa Carriers and Shamanic Yoga trained Teachers:

Christine Selda, Rochelle Quarry, Gin Perry, Jessica Kelly, Jon Dixon, and Michelle Cronier 

To stay in the loop, visit:


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