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November Newsletter

The waters have been rising in Squamish for weeks as the cosmic river continues to flow. Change is as palatable in the air as it is on the land. The landscape is morphing moment to moment; familiar banks of our rivers have been swallowed by the current, while silt and sediment smudge the forest. Mother is in full force and we are taking heed.  

Land Art: Colleen Reid, Christine Selda, and Gin Perry

SYI Updates

Mentorship with Christine
We spent time this month in small group and partners sharing how we show up for our spiritual work, using land art as a metaphor. Each time we come to this circle, we strengthen our capacity to hold sacred space for contractions to move and healing to be initiated. The arts-based process that followed incorporated paint, spoken word, and collaboration. We are learning as much from our own contributions as the we are from the rich medicine of each other.  

2022 SYI 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training will be lead by: 
Lorena Quintero and Gin Perry, IN PERSON, in Squamish! 

We cannot wait to see how these two dedicated yoginis offer the teachings with energy and vigour. Keep an eye on our Instagram and website for community offerings in the coming months from both these amazing up and coming leaders. Interested in joining one of these powerhouses for a yoga class? Check out a selection of their classes on the SYI calendar:


SOUTH March 25th  – 29th 
WEST May 13th – 17th
NORTH June 24th – 28th
EAST August 12th – 16th


The 300-hour immersion requires a soul that is called to rise. We walk the four gates of initiation together through ceremony and deep personal deconstruction, reflection, and ancestral healing. We are held in the arts throughout this profound journey through processes such as mask-making, poetry, land art, medicine shields, soul dolls, dancing, and chanting. We are a mystery school, so you can expect much more is within the folds of this training. Our school honours the roots of shamanism and yoga while purposely aligning with the post-lineage yoga movement.

Land Art: Blaire Embrey

November Blog

This month, Rochelle explores nature-based art as a means to practice land acknowledgement and land membership. This modality has been central to the group mentorship circle with Christine:

Our work as change-agents requires a high level of engagement and response-ability. During the last year and a half, as structures crumbled and new ways of seeing and being in the world were needed and not known, we turned to our teacher, Pachamama, for guidance. She has been ever-patient; bearing witness to the deconstruction and dismantling; supportive as we discern the nature of truth and the actions necessary for reconciliation.

Through experience and study, we have researched methodologies and practices that support individuals to authentically acknowledge the land and positionality. The most potent tool forged and wielded at this time has been land art. In this modality, the Earth is the canvas, the medium, the muse and the co-creator. Informed by the forms and interventions nature takes, we have immersed ourselves with curiosity and dedication.

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Karma Yoga Classes: Sundays 5:30 – 6:30 pm
Bhakti Yoga with Christine: Thursdays 9:30 – 10:45 am 
Bhakti Yoga with Rochelle: Fridays 9:30 – 10:45 am 

@ Shala Yoga, Squamish

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Land Art: Ashley Dodd

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